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Lets learn new words each day.

New Words for today are  Ailurophobia, Invincible, Convex, Boor, Intrauterine

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Meaning: A morbid fear of cats
Opposite: Ailurophile(Love for cats)
Origin & Root Word: In Greek aílouro(s) means Cat
Meaning: Undefeatable/Unbeatable/Unvanquishable/Uncatchable/Unconquerable
Opposite: Beatable/Breakable/Conquerable
Example: Is Alexander invincible?
Origin & Root Word: Latin in(not)+ vincibilis (conquer)
Meaning: Curving or bulging Outward
Opposite: Concave
Example: Convex Mirror
Origin & Root Word: Latin convexus(Vaulted/Arched)
Meaning: A rough or bad-mannered person (Rowdy/Bully boy/Rough/Monster/)
Example: He is such a boor when he is drunk.
Origin & Root Word: German būr or Dutch boer means ‘farmer’
Meaning: Within the womb/ within the uterus
Example: This new set of babies was aided by intrauterine insemination treatments administered by fertility doctors.
Origin & Root Word:

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